* 1 box pasta
* Cook pasta for however long it says (mine was 10 minutes)
* Drain pasta and put back in pan
* Pour in Presto pesto sauce (or make your own with garlic/olive oil/basil) and pasta and mix, cook for a minute then remove from heat and put into containers.


* Montreal and garlic chicken seasoning
* 6 chicken breasts ( I bought 3 large and halved them ).
* Put pan on medium, add olive oil, add some seasoning to the oil to season it. Let it heat up.
* Add chicken breasts (dont crowd the pan). Put on cover, cook for ~ 5 minutes per side.
* Remove from pan and let cool.
* Slice into strips when cooled and place in containers.


* 2 White onions, chopped (or diced, depending on how you like your onions)
* 1 red and 1 green pepper, diced
* ~3 tbsp butter in pan, let it heat up. Before it browns add veggies.
* Let this mixture reduce down and sautee
* Chop 2 jalapenos and add.
* Mince a whole clove of garlic add it a minute or two before you take the whole mixture off to let it cook a little bit (we dont want to burn the garlic).
* Let this cook for a few more minutes
* Pour into a bowl and set aside.
* Turn pan up to medium-high and add 2 lbs ground beef. Add saizon, salt, pepper, and cumin to taste.
* Let this cook down (drain off any water that may appear) and brown.
* Add 2 cans black beans and minced green olives. Cook until everything is hot and the meat is fully cooked.
* Put into a big mixing bowl and combine with veggies, mix well.
* Slice some thin pieces of sharp cheddar and put them in a bowl.
* Lay out 14-16 pieces of tin foil on a table and get your cheese, burrito mixture, and tortillas organized.
* Use a 1/2 cup measure and spoon this into a tortilla. Add cheese, wrap. Wrap tinfoil around burrito and set aside.
* Repeat this as many times as you need.